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OUSA Resources for the BSA Orienteering Merit Badge

Are you starting the Orienteering Merit Badge, or are you an adult interested in becoming a BSA Orienteering Merit Badge Counselor? Orienteering USA is excited to share resources to accompany BSA’s Orienteering Merit Badge booklet.  Developed by scouters who are also orienteering coaches and educators, it’s designed to connect the best of the orienteering community to merit badge instruction. 

Please provide your contact information so we can better understand our audience and improve our content. 

Merit Badge Counselor

No donation is required, but donations are always appreciated! If you select None, this form will take you to a payment processing page and ask you to pay a $0.31 processing fee for your non-donation. Please just close the page and check your email - you'll receive information on how to access the resources. I haven't figured out how to set up the form to avoid this yet.

Thanks, see you in the woods, and Be Prepared!

Tori Campbell

OUSA VP for Youth Initiatives | BSA Scoutmaster | Orienteering MB Counselor

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